Motorcycle Bag Never out of the Fashion Lead

Not many styles can be lasted very long in fashion field, but motorcycle bag is not one of those fleeting shows.

It caught people’s attention in 50s’ and 60s’, soon it became of the must have item for girls in US. People name it motorcycle bag because even when you on a ride, you still can open the bag by one hand. It soon became a global fashion trend, until now, it is still one of the most popular women bags in the world. Its fans could be anyone, student, office lady, celebrities, and models.

There are some key elements complete motorcycle bag looks:

  • Leather Look Exterior Material
  • Diversified Colour Arrange
  • Metal zip and studs
  • Tassel Decors

Different from some delicate fashion women bags, motorcycle bags are very practical. They function well durable to use. It is always big, but not heavy, offers plenty spaces and material is tough to use.

They don’t have to be very expensive, if you are not fussy about materials, they can be made by PU and also have really good looks and durable to use.

Below are some of the motorcycle bags from Susurrus women bags collections, good value, nice look and practical to use:

susurrus women bags

Susurrus Women Bags Peach Pink Motorcycle Bag

Susurrus Women Bags Elegant Dark Purple Motorcycle Bag
Susurrus Women Bags Elegant Dark Purple Motorcycle Bag

Susurrus Women Bags Wardrobe Essential Black Motorcycle Bag
Susurrus Women Bags Wardrobe Essential Black Motorcycle Bag

Susurrus Women Bags Passionate Wine Red Motorcycle Bag

Summer Women Clothing Collection Key Element – Chiffon

Without doubt, chiffon is one of the most common elements has been used in spring and summer women clothing collections.

They are:

  • Light
  • Soft
  • Smooth

Its texture brings a breeze feeling in hot days. They are great option for making tops and dresses.

The material is so soft and smooth to wear; it is also very easy to match with other items. You can wear a chiffon dress alone with a pair of flats or high heels, or wear it inside with jackets or cardigans. Mini chiffon dress or chiffon top also look great with slim pants or jeans.

Because of it is normally thin and bit see through, designers sometime use layers and mix n match style to create more combinations and looks.

A chiffon cloth can be casual as well as formal, can be cute as well as sexy, can be sweet as well as punk.

Now we will introduce three common but classic chiffon clothing and matchings:

Style 1: Casual Style Chiffon Top or Dress

To dress: with jeans, leggings and slim pants, or wear it alone.

Susurrus Women Clothing

This frill chiffon top is from Susurrus women clothing collection. Frill neck and hem create a layer look, casual but not simple, looks delicate and feminine.

You can wear it with different kinds of fashion women shoes, such as a mini base safe pants and high heels to create a sexy look or with jeans and flats, will be a great outfit for daily wearing.

Style 2: Office Lady Look Chiffon Shirts or Jumpsuits

To dress with: formal jackets, fashion women bags, designer glasses or slim pants.

Susurrus Women Clothing

This is another amazing look piece from Susurrus women clothing collection. This shirt combines two hottest elements: leopard prints and chiffon material. The combination creates a sexy and sophisticated look. It will be definitely a popular piece in wardrobe.

Style 3: Elegant cocktail chiffon dresses or wedding dresses

To dress: with high heels and jewelleries.

Susurrus Women Clothing

Chiffon is a great option for making summer maxi dresses, it doesn’t have to be in complex design, simple long dress will reflect the charms of chiffon material.

Just like this maxi summer tank dress from Susurrus women clothing collection. Light, elegant and romantic. It is suitable for both daily wearing and high class parties.

There are more chiffon pieces waiting your to discover, no matter what age are you, it will be never too late to start your chiffon journey.

Summer Wardrobe Essential – The LEGGINGS!

Talking about every kiwi girl’s wardrobe essential pieces, I believe Leggings are always one of the HOT HOT selections.

They have following features:

  • light
  • comfortable
  • easy to match

Leggings are come with different colours, prints and designs, you will always find one you like.

Leggings Recommendations for this season

  • NEON Colour Leggings
Susurrus Leggings

Susurrus Leggings

Neon colour is one of the hottest elements in fashion field in recent years. They come in so many colours: Hot pink, grey, blue, sapphire, yellow, black, silver and go on.

The material is silky and stretchy, catching people’s attention but also very comfy to wear. Definitely will be a hot selection for you in this summer! You can wear it as leggings or tights. It will create great combination with with baggy tops.

  • Jeans Look Stretchy Leggings
Susurrus Leggings

Susurrus Leggings

It is really hard to tell they are not real jeans, the patterns and effects are so real! You will fall in love with these leggings.

It comes with different colours, texture feelings and patterns. They are so easy to match with and looks very natural, be trendy as well as comfy at the same time! Because it got jean’s look, have fun to match it with different women shoes,  it will creates lots of different looks.

  • Stylish Leggings:
Susurrus Leggings

Susurrus Leggings

Talking about stylish, definitely will be torn leggings, contrast leggings and black leather look leggings. Definitely will adds a bit punk and rock style into your daily wear. You can also try matching them with different kinds of women bags.

There are more leggings styles are waiting for you to discover, have fun in this summer!